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Gregg Upshaw, CEO & Founder of SIME THE BLOG


WHO AM I, well for one, I believe in social and human rights issues. As a graduate of The Evergreen State College, one of my goals was to fight for social issues. "Enter to Learn & Exit to Serve" was more than a school anthem to me, it was my own unique destiny. I have endure much and overcame much since leaving TESC, such as gaining perspective on sociatal issues through research, writing, speaking & furthering my education. I am a survivor of mental illness, of physical illness, and of classism. Instead of withering away under societal lablels, it has made me stronger.


WHAT AM I, I am a advocate for social and human justice. I seek answers to problems. I speak of social issues in the form of writing, poetry, monologues, and visual instruments. In addition, I choose to educate forums, institutions, and venues about the social issues, that troubles our society. Therefore, "who am I" and "what am I," I am a advocate, a consultant, a poet, and a visual and presentational speaker, as well as a individual who seeks justice.


"I am society's voice and its conscience for right and wrong; this is who I am and what I represent."

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